Ongoing, Biblical Discipleship for State Prison Inmates

Through our State Prison Discipleship program, CPO staff members regularly visit various state prisons to meet with inmates who have already begun a relationship with us in Cook County Jail. We work to continue that relationship with Bible study, edifying conversation and meaningful time in prayer. By expressing and demonstrating genuine and authentic loving care for these individuals, we equip them to manage personal problems and challenges with Biblically sound principles.

Meaningful Relationships That Continue Outside Cook County Jail

At Chicagoland Prison Outreach, we are committed to each of the inmates we serve—and that means we continue working with them even when they are released from custody or discharged to different facilities. When men and women incarcerated in the Cook County Jail system are transferred to state prisons, we go visit them regularly, spending time in prayer and Bible study when we do. Our objective is to maintain a meaningful relationship with participants, one that allows us to foster fellowship around the Word, edify one another and encourage spiritual growth.

By consistently meeting with the inmates we know in state prisons, we help them know they’re not forgotten and continue building on already established relationships. We’re thankful to see how this ongoing interaction can cause effectual, measurable change in the lives of inmates—a reality proven time and time again in our ministry. CPO strives to help these individuals establish a value system based on accountability and personal responsibility, and we work to equip them with the tools they need to continue growing in the Gospel. By showing steadfast love and authentic care, we shine the love of Christ to inmates and their families in a way that moves them towards Jesus.

We humbly ask that you prayerfully reflect on ways you can contribute to this life-changing program!

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