Participation in our CPO/Outreach Career Center programs mandates showing up on time and showing up everyday. Students who are unable to maintain correct start times and expected attendance are dropped from our program. We do everything to encourage our students to participate with us in following our class schedules but we all understand that certain things are expected.

Presently we are offering training in welding and computer repair and/or scrapping. At the C.C.D.O.C Boot Camp we run a carpentry program.


Our welding program, scheduled for 14 weeks, begins with classes on math and safety and progresses to practical  instruction in welding. We train our students in the use of stick, mig, and gas welding equipment and cutting torches.

Computer remanufacturing/disposal

We believe that God led us to this new venture for our

vocational program through the new government mandates for the reuse or disposal of older computer systems and the introduction of some friends who are involved in the computer industry.

The very first project our students work on is to re-manufacture a computer which will become their own personal system. The textbook material will be supplied to them on a CD. We would like to see our students take the examination for CompTIA A+ certification.

During classtime the students are taught the structure of various types of systems, the disassembly, repair, reassembly and methods for disposal of materials which are no longer useful. These materials must be disposed of in ways which meet mandated specifications and are monitored very closely.

We are very excited with both our welding and computer programs and we would be pleased to give a tour to anyone who might be interested is seeing our programs in action.

Automotive/Engine Repair

Our small engine/automotive basic repair class is run during warm weather months presently due to the absence of heat in our automotive building.

Regardless, this class is very well attended and a good deal of learning take place. Recently we received newly donated small engines and repair manuals.

A goal for these students is to get a job with a brake shop type business and to advance as they learn more or to open up their own business.















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