Dan Swets  Address: PO Box 63, South Holland, IL 60473 Email: danswetscpo@sbcglobal.net 

In February of 1987, Dan began to lead Bible studies and chapel services at the Cook County Jail as a volunteer twice a week. Chicagoland Prison Outreach was founded in June of 1994, for the purpose of establishing a full time presence at the jail and to facilitate post prison ministry and ministry to inmates' families. Dan is co founder of CPO and is employed as its full time Executive Director. He also coordinates the Life Learning Program in Division 11 at the jail and serves as a chaplain there. Office Phone: (708)331-3301 / Fax: (708)331-3525

Dennis Raatjes Address: PO Box 63, South Holland, IL 60473 Email: draatjes@hotmail.com 

Dennis began volunteering with CPO in January of 2000. He was elected to the Board of Directors in June of that year. In March of 2001, he joined the staff when CPO created Outreach Christian School to provide educational programming at the jail and for ex offenders. Dennis is CPO's Director of Education, overseeing the ministry of OCS. He also serves as a chaplain in Division 2. Office: (708)331-3866 / Fax: (708)331-3525

Cory Buchanan Address: PO Box 63, South Holland, IL 60473 Email: coreycpo@yahoo.com

Corey's connection with CPO came while he was incarcerated at Cook County Jail. He came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ under the ministry of CPO while he was in the Life Learning Program at the jail. He was released in 2001 and got a job while also becoming actively involved at his local church. Corey became a youth pastor at his church and volunteered with CPO every opportunity he had. Corey joined the staff of CPO as its chaplain for the Cook County Sheriff's Boot Camp in the fall of 2004 and now serves as the Associate Director. Corey holds a B.A. in Biblical Exposition & Pastoral Ministry from Moody Bible Institute. Cell: (708)331-3301 / Fax: (708)331-3525

Darlene Rhines Address: PO Box 63, South Holland, IL 60473 E-mail: Rhines4him@aol.com

During the summer of 2005 Darlene began as Outreach Christian School’s instructor for the carpentry training program for ex-offenders. Presently Darlene teaches the carpentry classat the Vactional Rehabilition Impact Center of Cook County Jail. Darlene also leads the Rhoda Fellowship, which is a support group/Bible study for women who have a loved one who is incarcerated. Cell: (708)331-3301 Fax: (708)331-3525

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Roger Hommes Address: PO Box 63, South Holland, IL 60473 Email: cpoministries@sbcglobal.net 

  Roger came to CPO/Outreach with a rich history as a vocational trainer. Roger taught at Chicago Vocational High School; designed vocational programs and curriculum for the Chicago Public School system; established a vocational education program for the community while serving as Director of Annville Institute, and also served as area supervisor for Habitat for Humanity. At CPO Roger designs our vocational curriculum and also serves as instructor for our welding and automotive service programs. Office Phone: (708)331-3301 /  Fax: (708)331-3525



Noreen VanDeursen Address: P.O. Box 63, South Holland, IL 60473 Emailcpoministries@sbcglobal.net

Noreen began working with CPO/Outreach in April of 2011. Noreen is our Administraive Assitant/Receptionist. Noreen coordinates our annual banquet and our Christmas Angels of Hope project. Noreen works part-time in the South Holland office and can be reached at (708)331-3301 or email her at cpoministries@sbcglobal.net.

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