Face-to-Face Support for Cook County Inmates

Chicagoland Prison Outreach provides various in-prison support services to inmates in Cook County Jail, Cook County Sheriff’s Boot Camp and various state prisons. By exposing imprisoned men and women to the love of Jesus while they’re within prison walls, we help them begin changes that can continue throughout their lives, as they begin to make positive impacts in their homes, families, workplaces and the world at large. We use discipleship and educational services to build lasting relationships that continue even after they are released. Then, through these developed relationships, we’re able to facilitate help with finding a local church, sharpening friendships, work and housing down the road.

In-Prison Discipleship and Educational Services

CPO’s primary in-prison ministries are the Discipleship Program and the Life Learning Program, both of which are designed to forge meaningful connections with inmates that can continue after their release. In the Prison Discipleship Program, CPO staff and volunteers regularly visit prison inmates. We facilitate fellowship in the Word, mutual edification, spiritual growth and the development of Christ-like character. In the process, we rejoice to see effectual and measurable change in the lives of inmates as they mature and grow spiritually.

Our other in-prison ministry is the Life Learning Program, where we create a structured environment within Cook County Jail that requires inmates to comply with rules for godly living and participation in program activities. By taking command of a cell block in Division 11, we immerse participating inmates in an intensive discipleship experience where they are guided into practical applications of God’s Word. We cover issues like anger, forgiveness, guilt, loneliness, lust, greed, materialism, bad habits/addictions, relationships, finances, work, etc., looking at each one from a Biblical worldview. We also offer educational opportunities. After taking part in the Life Learning program, participants return to society with the kind of godly character that creates a positive impact in their homes and communities.

How Can You Help?
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Life Learning Program
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